NYC Building Code & Zoning Analysis

East Coast Expediting offers thorough building code & zoning resolution review and analysis. We share our extensive knowledge of the 1938, 1968, and 2008 building codes, the multiple dwelling laws, and the housing and maintenance code with our clients to ensure a smooth and expeditious approval process at municipal agencies.

Pre-Approval Services

East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. coordinates and attends all pre-approval meetings in an effort to identify all probably zoning and building code issues that may hinder the approval process.
Once these issues have been identified, we prepare and submit all necessary requests for Department of Buildings Pre-Determinations or Determinations to the Borough Commissioner's Office for review and acceptance.
Department of Buildings permit requirements and application filing checklist are prepared and reviewed early in this process.

Documentation Preparation

East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. prepares all required project documents, circulates them for signature by their professionals and owner, and requests all required filing documentation, including asbestos report documentation, estimated cost breakdown, energy code compliance, and coordinates drawing format and set quantity. Once these documents are fully executed and available, the application filing checklists are prepared and reviewed early in this process,


Once filed, East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. will track all Department of Buildings applications until they are either approved or disapproved. If disapproved, all required plan examination appointments are scheduled and attended by our experienced staff. We have over fifteen years of experience with approvals of the following application types:

  • New Buildings
  • Alteration Type I
  • Alteration Type II - Directive 14 and Non-Directive 14
  • Alteration Type III
  • Subdivision Application - Condominium and unimproved
  • Sign
  • Place of Assembly

If required, post-approval amendments to revise schedules A, B, and C and drawings are coordinated and processed for approval.

Sign-off and Certificate of Occupancy

Upon project completion, East Coast Expediting identifies and coordinates all requirements for the successful obtainment of a letter of completion or a certificate of occupancy.
The sign-off and certificate of occupancy process requires a complete and thorough analysis of all required items and includes the following:

  • Approval of equipment use application and issuance of equipment use permits
  • Identification of all required special inspections and submittal of all required technical reports
  • Pre-inspection walk-through and attendance at Department of Buildings construction inspection
  • Obtainment of Department of Buildings temporary or final sign-off from the construction, plumbing elevator, and electrical divisions of the Building Department
  • Assist with subcontractor sign-offs of sprinkler, standpipe, and fire alarm applications.
  • Identification and remedy of violations
  • Identification and close out of open applications, including fire protection plan, boiler, and generator
  • Coordination of builders' pavement plan sign-off
  • Filing and approval of the final survey
  • Coordination of final house numbers at the Manhattan Borough President's office
  • Coordination of final tax lots at the New York City Finance Department
  • Amendment of Schedule A to reflect recordation of zoning exhibits
  • Coordination and submission of smoke/carbon monoxide detector letter
  • Coordination and submission of flame spread letter associated with place of assemblies

Work Permits

Post approval, East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. researches and identifies all items required for the successful issuance of all permits. Any required subcontractor (concrete batch company) and special inspection company must be identified and hired by the client prior to submission of the work permit application.
When issued, work permits are valid for a period of either one year or until the contractor's insurance expires. East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. will track work permit expiration and renew or re-issue permits as required.
Work permits are valid for working between the hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. can submit and process requests for variances from these hours of operation.
Variances are granted by the Borough Commissioner's office on a case-by-case basis.
East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. will coordinate and conduct all required place of assembly inspections to ensure the issuance of all required place of assembly certificates of operations, formerly known as the place of permit assembly permits.

Violation Remedy

Identification and remedy of all open applications will ensure no delay in permit or certificate of occupancy issuance. East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. offers violation remedy services for the following types of violations:

  • Legalization - Work without a permit violation, occupancy contrary to certificate of occupancy
  • Maintenance - Boiler and elevator-mandated inspections
  • Unsafe Building
  • Stop Work Orders
  • Facade Violations
  • Building Department Complaints
  • Fire Department Complaints
  • Landmarks Preservation Commission Violations
  • ECB Violations

Other Agency Contact

East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. offers other agency contact and approval, inclusive of the following:

  • New York City Fire Department - Fire Alarm, Fire protection plan, fire safety plan, fire suppression system filings and approvals
  • New York City Department of Transportation - Construction and equipment permits, project kickoff meetings, vault filing, and approval, revocable consents, distinctive sidewalk filing, and approvals
  • New York City Department of Finance - Tentative tax lot issuance, tax and condo lot finalization
  • Manhattan Borough President's Office - House number verification, vanity address requests, final house number
  • New York City Landmark's Preservation Commission - Certificate of no effect, permit for minor work, and certificate of appropriateness.
  • Environmental Control Board - Attend court appearance hearings and violation remedy approval filing, backflow preventer filing and approval, grease trap filing and approval.
  • New York City Department of Health - Certificate of operation for food establishments and swimming pools

Building Research

East Coast Expediting & Code Consulting, Inc. also provides research services for client properties, inclusive of the following:

  • Existing certificate of occupancy search
  • Existing open violation search
  • Department of Buildings approved plans search
  • Tax map search